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Changyu Noble Dragon Red Wine Yanai

Wine description

  • Year 2015
  • Grape variety Cabernet Gernischt, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Alcohol content 12%
  • Cellarage 6 months in oak barrels
  • Cellarage 2020, or for immediate consumption
  • Closure Cork
  • Serving temperature 16 - 18 °C
  • Country China
  • Wine Region Yantai
  • Wine Type Dry wine
  • Tasting profile Rich & Tasteful
  • Wine Kind Red wine

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Changyu Noble Dragon Red Wine Yanai

Changyu Noble Dragon Red Wine Yanai

The best selling wine in the world

Chinese wine is definitely worth a try! With great enthusiasm we present the “Noble Dragon” because this is the best selling wine in the world! The wine comes from the famous Chinese winery - Changyu Pioneer Wine Company. During the tasting we were immediately seized by the unique aroma and taste of this popular wine.

The wine received 16 points from the British Master of Wine, Jancis Robertson! He is known as the best wine journalist and critic - writer. He assesses wines according to a 20-point system, and rarely gives the highest number of points. A wine with 16 points or more is “distinctive” and therefore absolutely worth trying!

A beautiful wine with an intense dark cherry red colour. An overwhelming aroma of cherries, black currants, vanilla, dried herbs and smoky notes. In the mouth a rich and full fruity flavour with satiny tannins. In addition, 6-month aging has created an elegant and refined taste. The long finish is fruity with a hint of vanilla.

Changyu Pioneer Wine Company

China's wine history goes hand in hand with Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, currently one of the largest and best wineries in China. It was Zhang Besi who took the first steps in 1892 to modernize Chinese wine. He imported more than 500,000 plants and 100 different wine grape varieties from the US and Europe. A big step with enormous positive consequences. The winery is now world famous and it is the 10th largest winery in the world! It has gorgeous vineyards located in the Ningxian province. The vines are planted at an altitude of 110 metres, in a perfect area with very little rain fall and many hours of sunshine.

Since 2008, talented Austrian winemaker Laurentz Moser leads the team of passionate winemakers of the winery. He travels at least four times a year to China to use all his knowledge, talent and passion to produce the unique Chinese quality wines. He even has been appointed honorary winemaker of Changyu!

Wine from China

In China, people drink wine for centuries. Even the ancient Chinese literature contains beautiful poems about wine. Chinese wine is known as a sweet wine made from rice, grapes and other fruits. This gigantic country has an enormous diversity of soils and climates, which can be compared with the best wine regions of Europe. There are even some wine universities that deliver each year, in collaboration with talented Western winemakers, tens of skilled oenologists. The Chinese wine makes great leaps forward and may perhaps in the future join in the New World wine countries.

Many different grape varieties have now been planted. One of the best-known red grape varieties that are widely used in China is Cabernet Gernischt. Research shows that the grape contains DNA from Carménère and also exhibits these properties. In China, wine is now primarily a fashionable drink for the wealthy younger generation in the cities and is also consumed mainly among the elite of China.

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