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San Silvano Merlot Veneto IGT

Wine description

  • Food pairing Duck, pigeon, pheasant, chicken, aged cheese
  • Alcohol content 11.5%
  • Cellarage 2024 or for immediate consumption
  • Closure Screw
  • Serving temperature 15-18 °C
  • Year 2018
  • Wine Region Venetia
  • Wine Type Dry wine
  • Tasting profile Mild & Soft
  • Country Italy
  • Wine Kind Red wine

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San Silvano Merlot Veneto IGT

Merlot from Italy? Delicious! It is one of the most important grape varieties in Veneto. The grape, originally from Bordeaux, acquires an even more pronounced character in warmer Italy. Plumper, fruitier and sultrier. Add to that the unparalleled qualities of the Italian Castellani winery and you know it: this San Silvano Merlot is a verge of a wine that represents the best of two absolute wine countries!


A beautiful ruby-red wine with a nose rich in small red fruit. Think of red berries, cherries and raspberries. A wonderfully soft and round taste with lots of juicy fruit and sultry, Mediterranean herbs. It has a pleasant finish that shows once again why the Merlot grape is so popular in Veneto. 




Merlot comes from the French merle, which means blackbird. Although it is mainly planted in France, it can also be found in Spain, Italy and California. Young wines are often supple in taste with fruit flavours. When the wines get older, the intense fruit flavours disappear more into the background and sultry opulence with raisins, candied fruit, notes of liquorice and laurel take place. If vines are planted on a clay soil and it is a warm year, the wines get full, rich and almost velvety taste. Ripening on wood provides even more allure.




Castellani winery was officially established in Montecalvoli at the end of the 19th century. Winemaker Alfred decided to start bottling and selling his wine, however wine had been produced in the family long before that. Alfredo’s son Duilio helped together with his brother Mario making the wine and the winery was gaining more prominence. The wine was then bottled in typical thatched flasks. Many years later, Duilio’s nephew, Roberto, became a brilliant journalist for the newspaper “Il Giornale del Mattino” published by the company and contributed to the growth of the family business. Today, the Castellani family is still at the helm and keeps producing the finest wines in Italy

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