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Looking for something new but worthy? So here we are a new Bordeaux, almost…
Rich and sweet, honeyed and balanced. Quite intense aroma reminds dried pineapple, honey, candied oranges and mango with atractive spicy undertones. This is realy dessert wine and we think that with creme brulee is the best pairing.

Sauternes l'Ilot de Haut-Bergeron AOC Bordeaux 0,375l

Wine description

  • Food pairing Desserts, Foie gras, Tarte Tatin
  • Alcohol content 13.5%
  • Cellarage By 2030
  • Closure Cork
  • Serving temperature 6 °C
  • Year 2013
  • Country France
  • Wine Region Bordeaux
  • Wine Kind White wine
  • Wine Type Sweet wine
  • Grape variety

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Sauternes l'Ilot de Haut-Bergeron AOC Bordeaux 0,375l

Broad, rich and complex sweet wine with depth and length

Made from grapes that come from the only plot in Sauternes situated on an island in the Ciron River.

Beautiful fresh shiny golden colour. Rich Sauternes bouquet of honey, apricot, orange and walnut with a subtle hint of pourriture noble. Broad, rich and complex sweet taste with depth and length. Viscous honey, apricot, pineapple and mango gain counter play by fresh acidity. Concentrated dessert-nectar from Sauternes’ top vintage 2013. A treat!


Bordeaux is for many synonymous to wine. The first vineyards were planted already in the 1st century AD. In the centuries that followed, the wine became more popular, even outside France, culminating with the first exports to England in the mid 12th century.

In Bordeaux there are famous château where the most prestigious wines are made. Especially red, rosé, white, sweet and sparkling wines are produced enormously. Sometimes the differences in soil, climate and composition within an appellation is so strong that despite using the same grape varieties and winemaking methods very different wines are produced.

Noble rot

Noble rot or pourriture noble is a process when fungus affects grape skin. It creates a specific gray mould, Botrytis cinerea, which under certain climatic conditions - morning fog and heat - strikes late in the year. The interaction between moisture and warmth provides an ideal environment for the development of the fungus. The grapes lose much moisture, leaving a concentrated, extremely sweet raisin. French wine region of Sauternes, where this delicious dessert wine comes from, is renowned for the fungus that occurs more or less every year. Production of this type of wine is a risky and labour-intensive work. Due to the careful harvesting and low yield per hectare, these wines are very expensive.

Pourriture noble is a natural phenomenon where one has little influence on. If the natural conditions are not ideal, the influence of Botrytis mould is less. However, the noble rot is a condition to be allowed to produce under the Sauternes appellation. If Botrytis hardly affects the grapes, the winemaker can always use cryo-extraction, freezing the grapes, which are then pressed.

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