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Sorella il Sole Pinot Grigio Rosato

Wine description

  • Food pairing Gamba, grilled fish, prawns, salad, mozzarella
  • Alcohol content 12%
  • Cellarage 2022 or for immediate consumption
  • Closure Screw
  • Serving temperature 6-8 °C
  • Year 2019
  • Wine Region Sicilia
  • Wine Type Dry wine
  • Country Italy
  • Wine Kind Pink wine

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Sorella il Sole Pinot Grigio Rosato

We can almost hear you thinking: a rosé from a white grape, is that possible? Yes, it is indeed! In fact, the beautiful pale pink Pinot Grigio Rosato is the rosé trend of today. Not only because of the delicate and seductive colour, but mainly thanks to the juicy taste and summer freshness. You will recognize the fresh and fruity character of the grapes, which make a Pinot Grigio a wonderful summer wine. Complemented with crisp fresh and red fruit, it is the wine for sunny days. 


The colour is seductive blush rosé, beautiful and delicate pale pink. A flawless Rosato with the summery aroma of light red fruit. Just like a white wine from Pinot Grigio, deliciously refreshing and juicy, the grape also brings beautiful flavours of fresh summer fruit into the glass such as strawberries and raspberries. 


Pinot Grigio


Pinot Grigio made a long trip around the world. Originally it comes from French Alsace where it is called Pinot Gris. The grape resided in Switzerland in the 14th century, mainly at the court of the emperor, who couldn't get enough of the spicy and aromatic wine from the traveling grape. From Switzerland, Pinot Gris moved on to northern Italy, where it grew into the legendary Pinot Grigio as we know it today. From there the grape made trips to Austria and Germany, where it is called Grauburgunder, and further across the world. This shows that Pinot Grigio feels at home everywhere.




Sicily is one of the largest wine regions of Italy with over 200 000 hectares of vineyards. However, majority of the revenues is not from bottled wine, but from industrial alcohol or concentrates. Sicilian wines are now protected and must meet strict requirements. This means that the wine may be only made in the traditional way. The soil around the Etna is volcanic and very fertile. The rest of the island's soil consists of clay mixed with lime and limestone where the grapes thrive very well under a wonderful Mediterranean climate.

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