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Villa Gracchio Rosso Puglia

Wine description

  • Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard
  • Food pairing Roasted meat, lamb, spicy cheese
  • Grape variety Malvasia, Negroamaro
  • Alcohol content 12%
  • Cellarage 2023 or for immediate consumption
  • Closure Cork
  • Serving temperature 16 °C
  • Year 2018
  • Country Italy
  • Wine Region Apulia
  • Wine Type Dry wine
  • Wine Kind Red wine

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Villa Gracchio Rosso Puglia

A bomb of a wine from the heel of Italy where Negroamaro is at your service. Together with special Malvasia Nera form a classic duo that enjoys international fame thanks to intense and complex aromas. A spicy boy, for lovers of great Italian wines!


We do not see every day that a wine wins a gold medal in the world’s famous wine guide Gilbert & Gaillard. The Italian wine house Gracchio succeeded with this breathtaking delicious Rosso Pugglia. A great wine from the heel of Italy, where the grape Negroamaro is the boss. In combination with the Malvasia Nera grape, these two form a classic duo that now received international fame. A sturdy wine for lovers of great Italian wine.




Stylish wines coming from the “heel” of Italy. It is a wine region known for wines with a unique character. That’s why Puglia is also called the rising star of the Italian wine regions. The fairly flat, fertile region also paves the way in agriculture. That despite the drought. Because although it is warm and dry in Puglia (from the Latin “apluvia” that means “lack of rain”), certain crops thrive. Think of grains, figs, almonds, tobacco and grapes. Although not every grape is resistant to the scorching heat. In this area, you don’t find grape varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot or Chardonnay, but native species such as Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia. These grapes guarantee exceptionally strong wines. Classically made, like the Rosso Puglia, the wines have deliciously ripe notes of sultry and ripe fruit and herbs.




The ancient Greeks recognized the potential of Puglia as a wine region already centuries ago. Whether they also brought the originally Greek grape Malvasia (derived from Monemvasia, a medieval port city in the south of Greece) to Italy? The answer to that question must remain guilty because it seems likely. Today, Malvasia mainly occurs in Italy. The grape has white variant, Malvasia Bianci and blue, Malvasia Nera. That blue variant is mainly planted in Puglia. Winemakers in this region use the blue Malvasia mainly to make wines with Negroamaro even tastier and to complement with aromas of ripe black plums and chocolate.

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